Each student shall be assigned to the elementary school in the attendance area in which the student resides.  For the purposes of school attendance, the residence of a student shall be considered to be the voting residence of the student's parents or legal guardian.  Upon enrollment, parents will be asked to provide proof of residency in Lafayette School Corporation.  The documentation will be verified by the school principal or his/her designee. 

Those students who do not live in Lafayette School Corporation will be unable to enroll without an approved tuition transfer from another district.  Elementary students who have been approved to attend a school other than the school in their home attendance district must successfully comply with all LSC elementary student handbook policies and procedures.  Failure to do so may result in the student being assigned back to their home school.

The elementary student who moves out of the LSC may complete the semester before being required to transfer. Transfers within LSC during the school year are strongly discouraged except under extreme circumstances.  

  1. Moving to another school
    If a student plans to move to another school attendance area within the Lafayette School Corporation the parents should call the office during the school year as soon as they know the move will take place.

  2. Transfer Request
    For information regarding requested transfers to another LSC school please check Board Policy J 220 .
      Transfer forms may be obtained at a student’s home school office.