Thank you for your interest in the Lafayette School Corporation!

To be a student in the Lafayette School Corporation (LSC), the student must:
    1)     have legal residence within the boundaries of the LSC, or
    2)     be the child of an LSC employee, or
    3)     have legal residence within the boundaries of the Tippecanoe School Corporation (TSC) district and apply for transfer under the Interlocal Agreement between the LSC and TSC.  The Interlocal Agreement applies to transfers into LSC only.

Per Board Policy J215 Cash Transfer Tuition, an employee of the LSC may elect to enroll their child in the LSC at no cost to the employee.  If you are an LSC employee and your legal residence is not within the LSC boundaries, but want your child to attend school in the LSC, you must complete an
Employee Request to Enroll Cash Transfer Tuition Student form.

If you are not an LSC employee and your legal residence is in the TSC district, and want to apply for a transfer into the LSC for your child, you must complete a Transfer Request Application and submit the form to the Superintendent in TSC.  After the TSC Superintendent takes action on your request, it will be forwarded to the LSC Superintendent for consideration.