Broncho NextGen

As we educate the next generation of leaders, Lafayette School Corporation strives to provide students with opportunities that will prepare them for the future. Lafayette School Corporation’s 1:1 initiative has allowed a transformation in the way its students learn and interact with concepts and curriculum. With the integration of technology, students have greater opportunities to think critically and creatively, work collaboratively, and be engaged in active and adaptive learning experiences helping them to become college and career ready.

Benefits of the LSC 1:1 Initiative
  • Accessibility to data, information, and the Internet
  • Prepares students for the digital world
  • Allows differentiation to meet the needs of all students
  • Higher level of engagement
  • Prepares students for success on state assessments
 E-Learning Resources - Elementary  
 Connecting iPad to Internet Guide - Wifi and VPN  
 Using ClassLink from Home  
 How Students Sign In to Showbie  
Parent Resources   
Jefferson High School Student Device Information
 Tecumseh Jr High School Device Information
 K-6 1:1 iPad User Agreement