Wheelchair Information

It is the parents' responsibility to provide the maintenance to keep their child's wheelchair in proper working order. All wheelchairs must be in good repair before being used for transportation on a school bus.
There will be a safety check done on every wheelchair that will be transported on a Lafayette School Corporation bus.

Loading and unloading

It is the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to bring the student to the bus. The driver or attendant will open the lift door and secure it. The driver will lower the lift, and the person outside will position the wheelchair on the lift platform with the student facing away from the bus, lock the brakes, and turn the power off if it is a power chair. The outside person will have a firm grip on the frame of the wheelchair for stability as it is lifted up.
No one but the student rides on the lift. 
Transportation personnel cannot carry a student on or off the bus unless there is an emergency.

All occupied wheelchairs must be secured by a four-point tie-down system in a forward-facing configuration. The tie downs must be attached to the frame of the wheelchair. The personal securement system consists of a lap belt and shoulder belt.