Parent Responsibilities

* It is the responsibility of each parent of caregiver to accompany their child to the bus. The bus driver or attendant will assist the child onto the bus and into his/her safety restraint.
 It is also parent or caregiver's responsibility to meet the student at the bus when they return home.
* Have your child fully clothed and ready 10 minutes before pick-up time. The bus will only wait three minutes and then move on.
* If your child misses the bus, the driver will not return for him/her. It is the parent's responsibility to get them to school.
* It is important to fill out the student information card completely and return to the driver as soon as possible. The information is kept in complete confidence, and is important to have in case an emergency or unusual situation occurs. It is imperative that this information be kept current.
* If your child is unable to attend school on any given day, contact the driver or the transportation office at 765-771-6059 as early as possible.
* If you fail to call to report that your child will not be riding the bus for three consecutive days, the driver will not return to pick up the student again until you have called to request the transportation be resumed.