Staff Wellness

Chartwells Wellness Workshops

2018-19 Workshops
Workshop 1: Discovery Kitchen | Sweet Potatoes | Restaurant Tips
<<Sweet Potato Gnocchi Recipe>>

Workshop 2: Discovery Kitchen  |  Whole Grains  |  Stress Management

2017-18 Workshops
Workshop 1: Nutrition 101, Mindful Eating, Food Mood & Stress, and Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods
<<Workshop 1 Reference Materials Download>>

Workshop 2: Healthy Meal Planning/Prep, Dining Out, Eating on a Budget, and Herbs & Spices.
<<Workshop 2 Reference Materials Download>>

Workshop 3: Weight Management, Physical Activity, Tobacco Cessation, and Celebrating Success & Goal Maintenance.
<<Workshop 3 Reference Materials Download>>

NuStart Integrate
Integrate is a two pronged wellness initiative with one part being lifestyle coaching complete with education on nutrition, exercise and other aspects of healthy living.  The second part of Integrate is to assist the district in promoting a wellness campaign complete with a wellness calendar.  Over time we will work to identify ways to deliver healthy living workshops to staff and support health-promotion messaging on topics like nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management.  We have started an @LSCINtegrate twitter account and will use it to promote healthy living among our staff and students.

Employee Assistance Program
All employees and their dependents have access to an employee assistance program no cost to you.  The counseling/consultation program is confidential.  See contact info below.

Customer Service Number: (765) 742-0375
The Lafayette School Corporation offers an Employees Assistance Program for all employees. Employee Assistance programs can help counsel those who need someone to talk about a myriad of issues, The EAP is totally confidential. To learn more about the LSC Employee Assistance Program click on the link above.