The Lafayette School Corporation has a long and rich history of serving families and students.  This commitment is evident through communications presented within this website.  Communication that is designed to provide information that assists students and their families as they travel through the educational opportunities within each of LSC educational settings. 

This communication focuses on  the “empower”  component of  the LSC mission statement.   The goal of this transitional information is to empower students and their families to make informed decisions about their educational experience in the public school setting.   Through this empowerment it is the desire of LSC to provide the foundational skills necessary for the development of resiliency, persistence,  and stamina needed to deal with the transitions present in life beyond grades K-12.

Belief Statements

  • Transitions are a normal part of life. 

  • Positive transitions require communication, planning, and retrieval of information.

  • Transitions require the consideration of academic skills and socio-emotional skills.