Welcome to Lafayette School Corporation

The Lafayette School Corporation family nurtures and inspires the promise of our youth.  Students are empowered to invest in themselves and the community. The school district thrives in a tradition of excellence. An exceptional staff creates extraordinary opportunities for students and their families  through a rich curriculum in modern facilities.  LSC pride is visible in  staff, students, and alumni. 

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The LSC Family

The Lafayette School Corporation family nurtures the promise of our children.  Children are inspired and empowered daily in the classroom and through a multitude of activities outside of the classroom.  Children are encouraged to hold on to hope, dream, learn, contribute, create, and appreciate.  The school family partners with students and their families to model resiliency, perseverance, and excellence.   The tradition of excellence is well known throughout the school corporation.   An exceptional staff creates extraordinary opportunities through a rich curriculum in modern facilities. Pride is reflected through our students and alumni.

The Educational Overview

The Lafayette School Corporation family shares a vision of creating a culture that nurtures the promise of our children. Supporting this vision Lafayette School Corporation offers our students: 

Rich Curriculum
LSC offers a unique and varied curriculum to prepare students for the 21st Century. These class offerings include: 


·  Astronomy

·  Science Research

·  Zoology

·  Computer Programming   

·  Chinese

·  Japanese

·  Russian

·  Radio/TV      

·  Project Lead the Way

·  Advanced Art Classes

·  Challenge and GT Classes K - 12

·  Music Theory and Composition




Exceptional Staff

The LSC faculty is exceptionally well educated and dedicated to teaching and learning. The staff includes recipients of the Presidential Math and Science and Golden Apple awards. Several LSC educators have earned doctoral degrees with the majority of our educators holding masters in education.        


Extraordinary Opportunities
Opportunities unique to LSC students abound for students inside the classroom by participating in renowned music programs, theater, newspaper, yearbook, and Radio and TV. In addition, numerous extra-curricular activities such as Robotics, Supermileage, athletics, and many more prepare students for careers and good citizenship. Opportunities include:

  • State acclaimed Jr. High and High School Concert and Show Choirs
  • Award winning Jr. High and High School Marching and Concert Bands 
  • Over 25 Highly Competitive Jr. High and High School Athletic Programs
  • Nationally Recognized Student Newspaper and Yearbook
  • WJEF, student directed Radio and TV station 
  • State ranked First Robotics and Supermileage Teams

Tradition of Excellence
LSC students enjoy a proud tradition of success with participation in award winning student organizations. Jefferson high school has twice been named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

LSC Students consistently win top honors at:

  • State and Regional Science Fairs

  • State and National Art Competitions

  • State Music Competitions

  • Sectional and Regional Athletics

  • Student Newspaper and Yearbook Competitions

Modern Facilities
Jefferson High School is home to two innovative facilities donated by alumni. The newly constructed Rohrman Center for the Arts and Scheumann Stadium are testimony to the pride felt by the Jefferson High School Alumni. Renovation of Sunnyside Middle School boasts classrooms with the latest technology for the corporation’s 5th and 6th graders. In addition, JHS is home to a planetarium visited by hundreds of students from around the county each year. 

Great Students
The diverse student body that comprises Lafayette School corporation excels in academics, music, athletics, and many diverse interests. Our student graduates pursue higher education at colleges like Purdue University, Indiana University, Southern California University, Northwestern University and other great colleges. 

Accomplished Alumni
The success of Lafayette Jefferson graduates is another proud tradition. Graduates have made contributions as attorneys, engineers, medical doctors, dentists, college professors, scientists, teachers, firemen, police, entrepreneurs, performers, nurses, and a host of other meaningful careers.

Community Overview



Downtown Lafayette and the Riehle Plaza & CityBus depot in August 2011.


Welcome to Lafayette!

Lafayette, Indiana serves as the county seat of Tippecanoe County. It is located 63 miles northwest of Indianapolis and 105 miles southeast of Chicago.  Lafayette and West Lafayette are divided by the Wabash River.  Purdue University is located in West Lafayette and contributes significantly to both communities.

2010 Census-Population

Tippecanoe County-172,780


Lafayette-67,140  (a 19% increase from the 2000 Census count of 56,3970)


West Lafayette-29,596


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