Lafayette School Corporation

Health Services

Bed Bug Protocol

            Best practices regarding the management of bed bugs should not disrupt the education process.  Children found with suspected bed bug bites should be referred to parents for diagnosis and treatment from their medical provider.  Parents will be encouraged to seek professional treatment by an exterminator to eradicate the bed bugs in the home.  Further monitoring for signs and symptoms of re-infestation is appropriate.  Bed bugs are not known to cause spread of disease.

            The school nurse’s goals are to contain infestation, provide appropriate health information for treatment and prevention, and minimize school absence.

                                         Indiana State Department of Health


With this information in mind, the following is the protocol for the Lafayette School Corporation health services:

  • A student referred to the nurse for possible bed bug bites, will be assessed by the school nurse.

  • If the nurse suspects bed bug bites, the nurse will call parents to discuss the possibility and have student taken to doctor for diagnosis and treatment after the school day ends.

  • Students should not be excluded from school for bed bugs.

  • If a live bug is found on the student’s clothes, book bag etc, the bug will be collected and double bagged.  It will be taken for positive identification to an exterminator.

  • If a live bug is found on the student, the student should have a fresh change of clothing to finish the school day and original clothes should be bagged and sent home.

  • The school nurse will provide education to the parents on best practice to eliminate the bed bugs from their home environment.

  • The nurse will monitor for further signs of re-infestation for several weeks after treatment.