Lafayette School Corporation

Health Services

MRSA Protocol

Be assured that our school corporation follows a strict protocol to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  It is important to keep in mind that we are required to maintain as much confidentiality as possible, notifying only personnel that are essential to know.

The following protocol is followed when a case of MRSA is suspected:

  • The school nurse will refer the student to the student’s personal physician.

  • If MRSA is diagnosed, the student may return to school only after a doctor has written permission and the site of the MRSA is able to be well covered.

  • The custodial services are following corporation policy that is based on the recommendations from the Indiana State Board of Health

  • Good student and staff hand washing will be carried out in the classroom

  • The school corporation nursing supervisor and the building nurse will monitor the student closely and will refer the student for medical attention  if needed.

    To learn more about MRSA, you may find the following links very helpful.



Helen Sunkel, RN, BSN

Nursing Coordinator for the Lafayette School Corporation