Lafayette School Corporation

Health Services


Head Lice Protocol


Best practices regarding the management of pediculosis should not disrupt the education process.  Children found with live head lice should be referred to parents for treatment. Research data does not support school exclusion for nits.  Because no disease process is associated with head lice, school are not advised to exclude students when nits remain after appropriate lice treatment, although further monitoring for signs of re-infestation is appropriate.


The school nurse’s goals are to contain infestation, provide appropriate health information for treatment and prevention, prevent overexposure to potentially hazardous chemicals, and minimize school absence.


 (Position Statement of the National Association of School Nurses)


With this information in mind, the following is the protocol for the Lafayette School Corporation health services:


  • A student referred to the nurse for possible head lice, will be assessed by the school nurse for head lice.

  • If live bugs are found, the parent will be called and the student sent home for treatment.  The nurse will provide information to the parent on treatment and prevention.

  • If nits only are found, the parent will be called to treat the child after school hours and the nurse will send information home with the child on treatment and prevention.
  • The student and parent should report to the health office the following morning for the nurse to clear the student to return to class.

  • If live bugs are found the student will be sent home for further treatment.

  • If nits only remain, the student may return to class and the parent will be advised to continue nit removal after school hours.

  • The nurse will monitor for further signs of re infestation for several weeks after treatment.

  • Parents who are non compliant, may be asked to remove all nits also, in an effort to prevent this chronic condition from continuing.

  • A student may only miss two school days for head lice treatment to receive an excused absence for this condition.