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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Lafayette School Corporation strives to build a positive partnership with each and every student and his or her family. The establishment of this partnership provides a strong system of support for your child. We all should take pride in knowing that our working together is impacting the future!

One example of this partnership can be seen in the restructuring of Oakland Elementary School and Oakland Academy. Due to increasing enrollment, additional classrooms are needed to support the elementary students. Through the partnerships within the Task Force, a plan was put into place to renovate two buildings. District leaders collaborated with many stakeholders to ensure that they fully understood the needs of staff, students and their families. I invite you to congratulate leaders, families and students in making this transition happen for the betterment of the school corporation.

Registering for school is another key opportunity for you and your child to extend or begin your partnership with the school corporation. The exchange of information between home and school is vital. Schools can provide information regarding events, programming, and instructional services. We appreciate you allowing us to work with your most prized possession! The more information you provide for the school, the more equipped the school will be to match your child’s needs with the services available. 

This publication provides you with information regarding registration for the 2022-23 school year. In the event you have questions about any aspect of the registration process, contact information is also included for your reference. The first day of student attendance for the 2022-23 school year will be August 11, 2022.  Buses will run. Lunch will be served. Classrooms and teachers will be ready for a full day of attendance. The academic, extracurricular and social expectations for this school year will remain high for Lafayette students. I want to personally invite parents and community members into the school setting and observe the quality programming within LSC. The recognition and communication of your observations will serve as testimony to the partnership, system of support and betterment of the community. 


Les L. Huddle
Les L. Huddle, Superintendent