Beginning July 25th, parents may obtain their child’s 2014-2015 transportation information by using the BUS RIDE INFORMATION portal found on the Lafayette School Corporation webpage. This portal is located at and can be found under the Parent tab. While this portal will be available to parents throughout the school year, for your child’s safety it is important to ensure accuracy of pick-up and drop-off times prior to Friday, August 8th. This digital portal replaces any print communication that has been distributed in the past.

Please note the guidelines for proper bus behavior and student safety listed below and inform your children of the following expectations:

1. Students are always to observe classroom conduct while on the school bus.

2. Students should always co-operate with the bus driver and obey the driver’s instructions promptly and respectfully.

3. Students should walk safely to and from the bus stop. Walk facing oncoming traffic when there are no sidewalks. Cross in front of the bus when signaled by the driver. Walk 10 steps in front of the bus before crossing to and from the bus stop.


5. Students should be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the assigned pick up time. Wait at least 10 feet from the roadway.

6. Students should never attempt to enter or leave the bus until it comes to a complete stop. The driver will signal students when to load or unload.

7. Students should sit in their assigned seats as promptly as possible and are not to block the aisles. Students are not to stand or move from seat to seat while being transported.

8. Electronic communication devices (cell phone, pager, etc.) and all other electronic devices MUST be turned off and placed out of sight while on the school bus.

9. All students, especially younger children, should know their first and last names, address, and where their bus stop is located. If they have not memorized this information, they should have it in writing on their person or in their backpack.

Should you have any questions regarding the portal or general transportation questions, please contact the Transportation Office at 771-6059 for assistance.


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